Twenty-five-centuries ago, at the least, it was famous. When Babylon was struggling with Nineveh for supremacy, when Ture was planting her colonies, when Athens was growing in strength, before Rome had become known, or Greece had contended with Persia, or Cyrus had added lustre to the Persian monarchy, or Nebuchadnezzar had captured Jerusalem, and the inhabitants of Judaea had been carried into captivity, she had already risen to greatness, if no to glory. “M.A. Sherring”

Groovy Ganges Guest House is a chain of guest houses around Assi ghat (southern ghat), in the city of Varanasi, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. At present we have two guest houses: one near Assi crossing called Groovy Assi and another one about five minutes walk from Assi ghat called Groovy Bhadaini.  We are located in the best part of Benares called Assi and Bhadaini. Away from the downtown area of Godowlia but close to the ghats and the university makes GroovyGanges Guesthouse an ideal place to stay.

Groovy Ganges Guest House was started about four years ago with its first branch in Bhadaini neighborhood but because of great demand of our services and continuous booking at Groovy Bhadaini, we decided to expand our services. We have rented other family houses, helping them getting licensed to host foreigners and have trained them so that the same GroovyGanges standard services are met at all of our branches. Although Groovy Bhadaini and Groovy Assi are situated in two different buildings but our management is same.

Since we provide family stay, you will always have an opportunity to learn more and more about the real Indian culture. If you are a Hindi student then come and practice you Hindi with the guesthouse owner’s family, if you are just a tourist then come and talk about India and Varanasi with our other guests and the family and after all if you have some free time and have any interest in doing something good for the society then volunteer for the organization that has their base in the GroovyGanges Guesthouse.

hope to see you soon..