We have made a few rules for our guests and these should be an attraction rather than restriction for the right guests. All of these rules are made to make your stay pleasant and safe. Many tourists come to India and go back with negative impression about India only because they do not know much about India and even if they know something, their knowledge comes from the books written by western people who visited India ages ago. Believe us if you follow our rules, you will go back to your country with completely positive impression about India, especially Varanasi. Please feel free to discuss about any of the rules that you don’t understand with us.

  • any kind of narcotic which is banned by the Indian government such as heroin, marijuana or hashish is not allowed at the guest house in any form. click here for more information about the drugs that are banned in India.
  • in case if you are going to be out late night, you will inform us by phone. we do not want you to be stuck in your room but we just want to hear that you are safe.
  • practicing anything unhygienic such as not taking shower for weeks, growing dreadlocks or wearing terribly dirty clothes are not allowed. believe us nobody grows dreadlocks in India expect a few crazy people. and after all you are ambassador of your country in India so please present it well.
  • bringing any meat product at the guest house is not allowed. in fact it is not safe for you either because most of the restaurants do not refrigerate the meat before cooking. if you want to eat meat, ask us and we will recommend you a good place.
  • practicing anything which may disturb other guests such as playing loud music or practicing vocal singing or playing any kind of musical instrument is not allowed. ask other guests staying around you and if they permit then you can do what you want. but it doesn’t mean that there is no place for music lovers at GroovyGanges Guesthouse. our roof top garden is always there for you where you can practice vocal singing or play instruments. thanks. peace.

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