The staff is available to answer questions about themselves.

Raghvendra “Nandan” Upadhyay is the house manager. He keeps a blog at He is heavily involved in NGO work in Benares, including as an organizer for the National Ganga River Basin Authority to clean river pollution and as a member of the local union of NGOs, Sajha Sanskriti Manch. He is also has the uncommon recognition of being licensed by the central government as a North-Indian tour guide. He has worked for various media organizations as a journalist and production assistant as described in his portfolio.

Bunti is the household manager. She is the wife of Nandan. She teaches dance to children and also organizes sex education classes at girls’ schools. She manages the business accounts.

Kanhaa is Nandan and Bunti’s child. He is Babu, or the baby. He was born in 2005 and is a good student and loves to play cricket and football.

Rajan is Nandan’s brother. He is a student of astrology, yoga, and Ayurveda. He works as an explorer/guide at Groovy Tours.

Mama is the matron of the household. She tends to Babu, helps manage the garden, and gives advice to other family members.

Raju is the house driver. He has an autorickshaw and knows all the usual places where guests like to go. He has worked with the household since 2007. His son is a member of the Chance India education program.

Shambhu is the house gardener. For years he was a landscape designer at Banaras Hindu University and he has good knowledge of local plants and growing conditions. He visits every other day and tends to the garden.

Ravi is a friend of the family who visits often. He is the president of Sanjeevani Booti. He is a lawyer by profession and his website is Lawyer: Varanasi! where he offers legal services to foreign clients.

Amrit Sharma is a friend of the family who visits often. He manages the Chance India child sponsorship program and the weekly community meetup DRINK CHAI SEE GOD.

Mark Shahni is a friend of the family who visits often. He is a boatman and a barista and cook at The Mark Cafe.

Binit is the home Hindi tutor. Since 2007 he has worked with Princeton University in the United States to teach their study abroad students Hindi, and he also either teaches in the home or nearby. His website is

6 Responses to staff

  1. avnish mishra says:

    I love you

  2. avnish mishra says:

    Mere photo is id pe bhej do

  3. Chris says:

    thankyou again for making us feel so comfortable for 19 days, it was perfect, hopefully we’ll see you again next year, best wishes to you all

    Chris and Chantal

  4. I am a regular visitor to varanasi (atleast thrice a year).Right now, I am in USA(North Carolina.).I plan to visit Varanasi by the end of September, 2015 and staying there for a month.I am well versed in English and Hindi languages..I am a just retired Audit Officer under the CAG of India, my last place of posting was Bangalore, India. I am fond of kids. I am interested to volunteer in any of your NGOs
    I am looking forward to meet you @Groovey Ganges Guest House, very soon Thank you,

  5. Mario Faltoni says:

    I had send you an email some days ago. Unfortunatly you don’t have give me any answer. I hope you read this:

    I’m Mario lone Italian traveler, 61 yo.
    I have been four times in India: Delhi, Leh (2 times), Varanasi (2 times), Sarnath, Allahabad (Maha Kumbh Mela 2013), Gaya, Bodhgaya, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Tiruvannamalai (2 times), Rameswaram, Madurai.
    I’m a scholar of religions: Christianity, Vedanta, Buddhism.
    I speak English, but unfortunately not too good.
    Widower; two sons, by two years in Australia to work.

    Most likely, next year I will take a sabbatical year, and I’ll stand in India and Nepal all the time that the Indian and Nepalese visa permit to me.

    I’m waiting for the answer of the direction of my work, around this gap year.

    My guidance travel schedule:
    5 Jen 2017 arrival in Delhi, Kurukshetra, Bikaner, Rajasthan, Dwarka, Nahsik, Nagpur, Ujjain, Allahabad, Varanasi.

    I met Groovy Ganges guest house in the web.

    I would like to know from you:

    If I come to Varanasi in early February 2017,
    it is possible for me to rent, your whole apartment?

    ” Rent a whole apartment (good for families and long term staying guests). We have designed a special package of families and long term staying guests. Our one apartment includes two bedrooms (one AC and one NonAC), one washroom, one bathroom, a small courtyard, one furnished kitchen with gas connection, a few dishware and a refrigerator. The entrance is separate for each apartment and once you lock your door neither you will see anyone else living in the house nor anyone else will get to see you. ”

    “Rs. 800 per night for the stay of over 3 weeks (with breakfast) (Rs. 25,000 per month) ”

    I have in program to stay in Varanasi for a few months, two … three … four? (I do not know exactly) and then go to the North, at Rishikesh, to the Chota Char Dham Yatra.

    I have read the rules of your house and I’m deeply agree with them.
    I am a quiet person, I practice meditation and reading of sacred texts: the Gospels, Upanishad, Bhagavad Gita, Sutras. I’m at 90% a vegetarian, smoker (but I can do it outdoors if this is an problem for you).

    This letter is not a reservation, but only a first approach to get to know you, the availability and all the things that you’ll still tell me and of which I’ll be,

    Deeply grateful.

    My best and warm greetings


    P. S.

    I don’t have dreadlocks ;-)

    Immagine incorporata 1

  6. Satyanand Mahabir says:

    I’m interested in coming to banaras to study some Hindi , astrology and harmonium.
    I’m from Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
    My ancestral home is Newada Rohi and I am from the Dubey family there .
    I would like to stay for 12 weeks to learn some Hindi and sanaskrit also to play harmonium English medium
    Please advise me as to cost etc
    I’m a vegetarian.
    Satyanand mahabir
    Phone. 1-868-461-9860

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