GroovyGanges Guesthouse is associated with several Non Profit Organizations working in Varanasi, India and abroad. In fact GroovyGanges Guest house building has offices of two NGOs: Sanjeevani Booti and Chance India Foundation. All of the organizations we are associated with are in continuous need of volunteers so if you have any interest in volunteering while being in Varanasi, you may either contact us directly or the organization itself. Some of the organizations we are associated with are as follows:

Chance India Foundation: Chance India Foundation is a non profit organization with its head office in Budapest, Hungary. Chance India cares of the poor kids in Varanasi city and village area who either could not go to the school or they had to leave the school because of the poor economical condition of the family. Chance India Foundation has funded complete education of 30 kids in the village area and 26 kids in the city area. Chance India Foundation has its local office in Varanasi in the same building of GroovyGanges Guesthouse. There are several different kinds of volunteer opportunities available with their education program all the time.

Sanjeevani Booti: Sanjeevani Booti is a non-profit organization with its head office in Varanasi and another office in Seattle, USA. The aim of Sanjeevani Booti is to provide HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases education especially to the young people of Varanasi. Although the organization often organizes several public teaching events where people from all ages are educated. This organization is also in need of volunteers.

Lok Samiti: Lok Samiti is a community based organization working the village areas of Varanasi district. The organization has several programs including an education program for poor kids, training program especially for women, self help groups, community based training programs for youth and after all this organization is famous all over the world for its fight against Coca-Cola plant in Megdiganj village. Lok Samiti also needs volunteers and researchers especially with scientific background who could study environment in Mehdiganj and surrounding areas.

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